Program Development & Management

SMS, Inc. has the ability to provide full-time support to Facilities, Safety and Emergency Management programs in healthcare organizations for extended periods of time. Whether the need is to temporarily fill a management position for a month or two as interim managers or to contract program management services for a prolonged period, SMS, Inc. has the ability to provide and/or recruit staff to meet client needs. Our skills, tools, and experiences make us uniquely qualified to help organizations bridge the gap when losing a facility director or safety director. We bring an understanding not only of the management requirements and principles needed to direct programs, but also the highest level of understanding of the regulatory and compliance issues associated with facilities and safety.

SMS, Inc. has provided these type of services to selected clients for nearly twenty years and has the ability to help organizations recruit, interview, and select permanent staff for these positions, as requested.

Once we have conducted a thorough assessment of an organization’s programs for the Physical Environment, we can help develop new plans, or improve existing plans that do not meet all of the criteria in the standards. Our expert staff can tailor these programs to meet your facility’s specific needs. SMS, Inc. has staff members intimately familiar with The Joint Commission (TJC) and other federal regulatory agencies.