Count On SMS For All Your Healthcare Facility Safety Management Needs

Codes & Standards

SMS Inc. provides code, standards and regulatory advice and services on a broad range of regulations related to the Physical Environment. Whether the situation requires a simple phone call, or email, or a full-scale site review of your facility, SMS, Inc. can provide the experienced staff you need with the skills you want to help answer simple questions, solve immediate concerns and help develop solutions for complex issues.

Audits & Reviews

SMS, Inc. conducts Audits and Reviews of client programs relative to accreditation and deemed status for hundreds of clients. Focusing on all aspects of the Physical Environment (PE), our highly experienced staff perform a comprehensive analysis of organizations programs of the Environment of Care (EC) standards: Safety, Security, Hazardous Materials and Wastes, Fire Safety, Medical Equipment Management, Utilities Systems, Emergency Management (EM), and Life Safety (LS).

Accreditation Appeals

SMS, Inc. can and will represent organizations that wish to challenge survey findings and even adverse accreditation decisions. Even if these organizations have not been clients of SMS, Inc. in the past, we can review survey findings and outcomes, determine whether challenges are appropriate, and assist the organization in developing responses and strategies for corrective actions, or, in the case where findings and/or outcomes are clearly inappropriate, challenges to those findings.

Program Development & Management

SMS, Inc. has the ability to provide full-time support to Facilities, Safety and Emergency Management programs in healthcare organizations for extended periods of time. Whether the need is to temporarily fill a management position for a month or two as interim managers or to contract program management services for a prolonged period, SMS, Inc. has the ability to provide and/or recruit staff to meet client needs. Our skills, tools, and experiences make us uniquely qualified to help organizations bridge the gap when losing a facility director or safety director.

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment

Over the past twenty years, SMS, Inc. has helped a great many facilities review projects for pre-construction requirements as well as provide plan review services for fire protection issues during the various stages of design and construction. Primary focus of these services revolves around compliance with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code compliance but can extend to other NFPA standards as well. These could include, but are not necessarily limited to, NFPA 72, NFPA 90A, and NFPA 25.

Accreditation Maintenance Program

SMS, Inc. Accreditation Maintenance Program has been around for over twenty years and was the first such program in the industry designed specifically for helping organizations stay prepared for compliance in the Physical Environment throughout their survey cycles. By scheduling regular visits to assess compliance, provide regulatory updates, and assist clients with management of existing programs, as well as development of new ones. SMS, Inc. is able to keep clients at the highest level of readiness for scheduled or unannounced visits from regulatory agencies.