Accreditation Appeals

SMS, Inc. can and will represent organizations that wish to challenge survey findings and even adverse accreditation decisions. Even if these organizations have not been clients of SMS, Inc. in the past, we can review survey findings and outcomes, determine whether challenges are appropriate, and assist the organization in developing responses and strategies for corrective actions, or, in the case where findings and/or outcomes are clearly inappropriate, challenges to those findings.

SMS, Inc. has worked with scores of hospitals for over twenty years in contesting and resolving improperly cited standards or misunderstandings between the facility and regulatory agency representatives. We work in the formal and informal arena of compliance negotiations and from behind the scenes conduct research to direct appeals to the agency in question.

SMS, Inc. staff are expert in the Joint Commission appeal process, and are qualified to advise your facility of its rights and options under the standards. Our staff have been on both sides of the table during the appeal process. It is for this reason that our staff is better equipped to represent your facility during an appeal than any other firm.

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