Production of the Statement of Conditions™ (SOC™) & Electronic Statement of Conditions™ (eSOC™) Documents

No other firm in the country provides a better qualified or more experienced staff relative to preparation of The Joint Commission’s Statement of Conditions (SOC) process. Many of our clients express that they simply do not have the time or resources to complete an SOC, whereas others say they lack the technical expertise to complete the job thoroughly and accurately. Regardless of whether it is time, expertise, or a combination of both, SMS, Inc. can assist you with the timely completion of your facility’s SOC. Furthermore, SMS, Inc. has AutoCAD capabilities for the integration of LSC information into the architectural drawings of the facility. These are examples of services we can provide:

  1. LSC / Building Analysis
  2. Documentation & AutoCAD Development
  3. SOC “First Aid” – Assistance in the Determination of Corrective Actions
  4. Life Safety Code “Mock Surveys”
  5. Staff Training & Preparation for The Joint Commission’s LSC Surveyor
  6. Data Entry for the eBBI™ & ePFI™
  7. Equivalency Preparation & Documentation
  8. Liaison with The Joint Commission & Other AHJ’s for Special Needs
  9. SOC/eSOC Maintenance & Follow-up
  10. Plan Review & Healthcare Construction Consultation